This is a disclaimer regarding the retreat advertised for July 26-31st 2020.

I, Rebecca (aka Becky) Howes came up with the name, the credentials for the retreat and agreed to teach at the retreat to take place 26-31 July 2020. My name was used to continue to promote the retreat without me being aware that the organiser 'MY - Meditation_Yoga' had made other teaching arrangements. I was not informed eigher way as to what was going on and how the retreat was going to be conducted by the Organiser - 'MY - Meditation_Yoga'. Anything else promised by the organiser - 'MY - Meditation_Yoga', that was not delivered on the retreat (other than my intension and write up) was not within my control or my idea, ie. Aveduvic cooking class. My ideas including the Name - Transformation Retreat, exploring positive affirmation, the write-up bio
for myself and the yoga classes and vision for the retreat being positive affirmation and intention setting.
I do not give my name or image to be used in further promotions by 'MY - Meditation_Yoga' retreats and in already doing so is fraudulent (from 13 July).

For the record, false information was given about myself. There was no personal/family problem
and I did not leave to join a religious sect/cult.

My intention and duty of care is always to my students and to the events, classes and retreats that I have arranged/ organised to teach. The priority and position was that I was avaiable for the retreat.
I strongly discourage any students I have taught to attend a retreat organised by 'MY - Meditation_Yoga'.