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A little message for new teachers...

By all means I'm not claiming to have become the best teacher I possible can be, I don't think you ever reach such a stage, there's always so mush to learn. These are a few reflections from now to things gone by, to when I first started teaching. Here's a few words of advise to new teachers, from my my experiences, just began to embark in the asana teaching world:

1: Don't be scared to show some confidence. Voice is key for this. When your confident people feel confident in your abilities as a teacher, (even if you are saying the wrong thing!). The chances are you've dedicated a large proportion of your time to Yoga Asana, and training. You Got this!

2: People's faces...can be off-putting or you think they hate you...ever heard of resting bitch face? On a more serious note, people go through alot of emotions with yoga, think of the times where maybe there has been emotions come up that make you feel like running out of class. The emotional body is access in yoga aswell as actual physical problems.

3: Always check for injuries, Pregnancy's or beginners.

4: Sun Salutations: don't be afraid to use them! I used to think 'oh no they don't like them' or would cut them short. They are a perfect warm, and bring that fluid element ot any practice. Love your Sun Sals!

5: Don't be afraid to repeat movements in a practice or sequences. Doing the same posture or sequence of postures can be a very powerful way of getting deeper into the movement and feeling release. Also if you add another layer on top of a sequence for example optional binds second time round, its great.

6: If your not confident about teaching something, don't teach it. Stick to what you know and keep it simple. Inversions can be great for a practice, but unless you know the group of people your teaching and have gaged injuries. Its ok to leave them out.

7: Planning: if you have planned a lesson don't worry about sticking to it, just make sure that its suitable for all levels, if the class is aimed at all levels.

8: Anatomy: Bring in some anatomy of poses, this is a great description, but also describe what you personally feel in the pose.

9: Don't be afraid to adjust: just not beginners!

10: Go easy on yourself! these thing take time and practice. We all have good days and bad days. I used to come out and beat myself up as to what I should and shouldn't have done and said. Integration from practice to teaching will come. As long as you have the passion and the drive to become a great teacher thats the most important thing. Don't be afraid to ask what you don't know and don't stop learning.

<3 Namaste, keep spreading your light :)

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