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Breath of fresh air

As spring starts to (gradually) enter our lives. Starting to sow the seeds for harvest, maybe already, like me, starting to receive from pre-sown seeds. This time is such a precious time of year, as if starting to emerge like the flower after hiding in the soil for months of hibernation. The Energy is strong and primal.

What I have been experiencing: After making some 'drastic' changes in life, that I felt necessary in order to live my truth.

In December I left my full time office job, to have more freedom and space for yoga. This month brings a change in house and location. Everything starts with manifestation. I guess I always know that its a 'real thing', good energy can only attract good energy (with positive views to life experience). But it always catches me by surprise when it just happens to me and everything slots into place in such a short period of time. Synchrodestiny is oh so comforting, making me feel I'm on the right path. Now I'm blessed to be able to get up everyday and do what I love, teaching yoga and art/ design freelance. I feel liberated that I can truly steer my ship 100% and LIVE. I hope that in some ways, through yoga and otherwise, I can help give the strength to people to follow their dreams and not feel bound by monitory 'obligations'. Of course I have been there, doing a job day in day out and then feeling the 'pressure' of having a 'good' weekend or holiday. Now I don't chase money, I believe money follows when you are spreading your gift to the world. I truly believe that we are all creative individuals and able to adapt to survive, with modern day pressures it can be easy to forget that we are, and not discover our creative talent. I think sometimes you have to throw yourself in the deep end and learn how to adapt. If you end up always being in the comfort zone or safety blanket of what you know works, we are always worried about our basic needs being met if this is taken away. Even with teaching I threw myself straight into it. Too start with it was difficult and you struggle with confidence and the ability to bring knowledge into class. You can be put off by reactions, peoples faces and new environments. But I knew this meant I just had to keep trying, keep believing. Also the fact that I feel so calm and at peace after teaching was a sign to me that it would all be worth it. I want to inspire people through movement, I hope to bring an element to people's lives like what yoga has given me. Everyday is a gift, my heart and head feel at ease to be in this moment.

I am truly grateful to this life and opportunities that have been present to me.

Peace & Light, Namaste.

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