• Becky

Inversions - Upsidedown & steady

For a little while now my goal has to been to find peace and balance in a headstand. Before I had problems with my legs feeling like jelly (low blood pressure/ sugar), feeling that my lower back was too concaved, my elbows bowing out too much. And of course, getting distracted by arm balances! Recently I have made time and space to keep a regular practice of headstand and more importantly incorporating arm/ shoulder strengthing into my routine. Now I feel that the rewards are coming from this practice. Finally feeling peaceful when upsidedown, no panic and able to control from the core to the toes. I guess what I'm trying to say here is....Practice is definitely key! Every time you practice you learn something about your body and or your mind, in turn, your body remembers how to do the asana and strengthens. Never give up or lose faith in your body! When you suddenly realise you have mastered something new in the pose, it's the best feeling, a sense of accomplishment and strength.

Calm and Steady like a lake, take a dip in the tranquility of the mind.

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