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Strength in Stillness...

This is something that has been in the forefront of my mind this week. Sometimes we can rush through life, or rush through poses, and not feel the true force or power of each posture or view as it maybe. I've been spending time reconnecting and finding stillness. Spending longer in postures, longer to appreciate the view, longer to feel into my body and mind. This brings me back full circle to connecting back to meditation. So why do we practice yoga? Of course to Eastern yogi's and hermits of the Himalayas, the ultimate goal is samadhi, achieved from complete detachment in meditation (in the most simplistic terms). But even to teachers and other Eastern yogi's, they are not wanting to achieve samadhi, as the allures and sensory pleasures of living as a human feels much to loose. One Yogi even joked ' what the I wouldn't be able to watch Tv, why would I want to achieve samadhi, not now.' So there is a choice, not an assumed outcome. To be be still requires patients, patients presumes a steady and quite mind. It also requires steady concentration, a point of stillness (drishti) and a governing constance of breath. Hang on, this is being to reflect the qualities that we want to achieve within our asana practice... So now meditation and asana seem the same. If we can integrate meditation into every aspect of our lives, maybe thats where we will always be able to find stillness? Then we can utilises our strength. -Meditations on stillness-

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