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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Its been a while since I've posted on here, since going away thought it would be a good way for you to see what I'm up too, projects, new locations etc.

Taking more time for myself recently has given me time to reflect and I've been thinking about what Yoga means to me, individually. Why I practice and what inspires me to share this with others. And overall what the underlying message is that makes Sanskar Yoga and how that will connect to my new project. What does Yoga (asana) mean to me? Yoga to me personally is about bringing more awareness to my actions, not only in the physical actions of moving my body but my actions into the wider world. Its about getting to be at one with my breath and body, its about creating unity between my brain and my body. For me, yoga is a time where the body can converse, without the constant disruption from the brain. Yoga is a time to heal, heal emotional stagnation and resistance from past experience. All of this and also a constant learning experience, learning about yourself as you observe more and more how your body 'reacts' to the external. This is where the key is, the reaction to an external force, a lift, a balance, an engagement, this is what makes you start to question so many more aspects of your life. For example, oh I seem to have a resistance to go to work, why is that? I believe that the emotions are all body-based and this can cause any number of responses, too what I call 'inner conflict' or 'discourse' when what the body wants is constantly ignored and the brain has to keep 'forcing' (the body) its way through situations.

Yoga is also, for me, to strip away the dogma, strip away 'have to' and 'musts', since all of our bodies are built differently and informed differently by our lives, let's celebrate diversity and allow modification to suit Everybody. I like to keep my classes more open to your modifications and feeling, in a supportive environment.

Yoga also helps me to connect to my spiritual side. Feeling my energy in my body, how I can direct that energy, and feeling in balance within myself. Yoga was the first practice I really felt that. The only other thing coming close being dance, new forms of conscious dance, I have witnessed in more recent years, being the most prevalent.

What inspires me to teach?

I have been practicing yoga since aged 18. After suffering with anxiety and depression from childhood to teens and then a fatal eating disorder. Yoga was what helped me to really and truly come out of the depression of my past. To start to heal my wounds and take responsibility of where my life was at that point. Through teaching, I hope that I can help some people who are at that point in their lives, where they don't know what else to do and completely disillusioned with the mainstream pharmaceutical health system.

So the inspiration to teach just keeps coming from a sence of helping people to feel more at ease in their own bodies. It makes me very emotional to think of how many people feel bound, restricted and pain in their bodies, and I want to be able help them feel the opposite, to teach them that there is another way. I would like to help people to see the benefits of being a master of your health and wellbeing and that yoga isn't a chore but a chance to feel free.

The Message

The message steams from my definition of what yoga means to me. Movement Is Medicine

This has always been my core message, this also connects to my new project, The Emotional Body Project (a book I'm writing). I believe that movement can heal our bodies, our bodies are made to move, and moving our emotions has to be the healthiest thing that we can do. Not something to be scared of or deny ourselves, or keep in moderation. We are feeling beings, living in an age of emotional suppression in order to create productively, consumer-driven human populous. We are so much more, I want to lead people to a place of knowing what they are truly capable of, not trapped in the underbelly of anxiety and depression riddled society. I believe if I can help people one by one to take charge of their health through their emotions, we as a collective will have the strength to change the world.

This is what yoga has given me and this is the gift I want to share with you.

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