• Becky

Yin Yoga and workshop

I have been teaching Yin yoga since January and love teaching it! Its such a different practice to my my dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa style. I really enjoy seeing how peaceful everyone is upon leaving the session, its wonderful to see. I know that yin can also be equally as challenging and have experienced this myself with emotions and the mind playing tricks. After some time, you seem to sink deeper and experience the inner landscape, getting to know your body better and where emotions may lye.

I also feel that its the perfect balance, Yin and Yang, for the body to experience the full circle of both.

For me its the perfect way to take time out and to meditate.

Since starting teaching Yin, I now feel alot more at ease teaching it and feel that the classes have grown and progressed. I like to focus on releasing certain parts of the body or a theme for each session. So that the awareness or intention can be held or brought back there in the practice.

I'm excited to bring this workshop to you with beautiful live instrumental music.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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